Hello! My name is Kat...

I am a breathwork instructor and creative healing coach based in Los Angeles, CA. I am passionate about helping others connect to their bodies and find their artistic outlets.


Because of my background in the arts, my practice finds its roots in storytelling and creative expression. I work to help my clients identify the stories that make up their lives, shed old stories that weigh them down, and honor the stories that fill them with purpose and vitality.
After receiving degrees in theatre and history from Brown University, I studied with master healer David Elliott (Creative Arts Healing Center, Tres Piedras, NM) to earn my certification in Breathwork Healing. I am the Managing Director of The Barr Hill Players Retreat in Greensboro, VT, where I teach breathwork and guided journaling. In addition, I teach weekly corporate mindfulness meditation classes in Los Angeles, CA. In my spare time, I work with nonprofits Young Storytellers and Depressed Cake Shop, I have been invited to share my mental health scholarship at conferences hosted by Project LETS and the Society for Disability Studies. (I also work as an Agent Trainee at ICM Partners Agency. If you come seeking that version of me, click here to be directed to my